At Cumbria Therapies we consider the safety of our practitioners and their clients to be paramount. While the Covid-19 situation is gradually improving, we will continue to protect everyone at Bourne House using Government guidance. With this in mind we have carried out a risk assessment and put in place a number of measures to minimise the risk to everyone visiting Bourne House. If you have any concerns we would be pleased to discuss these with you.

1      Managing clients

1a            Set up measures to know if clients are vulnerable to Covid-19 complications

Action required:

When seeing a new client, prior to their first session,  a telephone health assessment will be completed using the form provided by Cumbria Therapies to determine whether they have any pre-existing conditions that would increase their risk if they contracted Covid-19. (Practitioner’s responsibility)

1b           Set up measures to only see clients without Covid-19 type symptoms (high fever, dry cough, difficulty breathing).

Action required:

Prior to a first face to face session a telephone health assessment will be completed  using the form provided by Cumbria Therapies to ensure they have no symptoms of Covid-19 and that they have no pre-existing conditions that would increase their risk if they contracted Covid-19. If possible, the most vulnerable clients will be seen first in the day to reduce risk from previous clients. (Practitioner’s responsibility)

At the start of every subsequent face to face session the practitioner will check that there have been no changes between sessions relevant to the client’s health assessment form. (Practitioner’s responsibility)

1c            Set up measures to have clients maintain a distance of at least 2 metres to any person including yourself.

Action required:

Only  one person will be allowed in the waiting room at any time by maintaining a gap between appointments.  Clients will be asked to arrive within 5 minutes of their session time. (Practitioner’s responsibility)

Clients will be asked to come alone unless exceptional assistance is required. (Practitioner’s responsibility)

The furniture in the therapy room will be arranged so that there is at least two metres between client and practitioner. Appropriate distancing will be maintained as clients walk to and from the room. (Practitioner’s responsibility)

1d           Set up measures to have clients disinfect their hands before touching anything in the building.

Action required

Skin disinfectant will be provided at front door. (Bourne House Manager’s responsibility)

1e           Set up measures to avoid touching smartphone, wallet, or cash without disinfecting hands immediately afterwards.

Action required:

Contactless payment will be used where possible, if using cash, money to be placed directly in a container to avoid unnecessary handling, client and practitioner will disinfect or wash their hands after handling cash. (Practitioner’s responsibility)

2      Managing the practice

2a            Set up measures to clearly communicate recommendations for using facilities to all clients.

Action required:

Clear signage will be displayed on the front door instructing clients to enter only if they have a booked appointment and no one else is in the waiting area. (Bourne House Manager’s responsibility)

2b           Set up measures to make disinfectant available to patients.

Action required:

Clear signage will be displayed instructing clients to disinfect hands on arrival. Hand sanitizer will be made available at the front door. (Bourne House Manager’s responsibility)

2c            Set up measures to have clients enter or leave the building without touching doors or switches with their bare hands

Action required:

Doors will be wedged open if weather permits, staff will open doors for clients or spray handles if clients do touch handles. (Practitioner’s and Bourne House Manager’s responsibility)

2d           Set up measures to always maintain a distance of two metres with clients except during clinical exams and treatments.

Action required:

Clients will be asked to leave by the back door to maintain a one-way system reducing the risk of interaction with next client or other visitors to the building. (Practitioner’s responsibility)

Keep a distance of two metres where possible. (Practitioners responsibility)

Wear appropriate PPE if treatment requires close contact. (Practitioner’s responsibility)

2e           Set up measures to reduce the risk of clients touching objects while waiting for their consultation.

Action required:

Coffee machine and water coolers will not in be in use (Bourne House Manager’s responsibility) nor will we provide water in the room. Clients and practitioners should only use their own water bottles. (Practitioner’s responsibility)

Magazines, newspapers, etc will be removed from waiting areas. (Bourne House Manager’s responsibility)

3      Self-hygiene
3a            Implement disinfecting/washing your hands between each consultation.

Action required:

Skin disinfectant and/or hand washing facilities will be provided in treatment rooms (Cumbria Therapies’ responsibility) and should be used between each consultation. (Practitioner’s responsibility)

3b           Set up measures to wear a face mask covering nose and mouth during physical therapy sessions.

Action required:

Practitioners whose practice requires close physical contact will wear a face mask and encourage their clients to do so also. (Practitioner’s responsibility)

3c            Set up procedure to daily monitor your own state of health.

Action required:

Practitioners will take their temperature daily and monitor their own health for any early signs of illness and cancel appointments if in any doubt. (Practitioner’s responsibility)

3d           Set up procedures to potentially trace back clients seen during the previous 14 days.

Action required:

Records of all clients seen will be kept for ease of traceability. (Practitioner’s responsibility)

3f          Set up procedure to be able to change working clothes after receiving direct droplets from a client (e.g. cough, sneezing, saliva, etc.)

Action required:

Practitioners will wear a disposable apron if in close physical contact and have a change of uniform/clothes if required. (Practitioner’s responsibility)


4      Cleaning the Room/Building

4a         Set up procedures to disinfect door-handles, treatment couch, switches, taps, etc between patients

Action required:

Extra time will be allowed between patients to disinfect surfaces such as tables, treatment couch, door handles or seating. (Practitioner’s responsibility)

The therapy rooms will be cleaned, and hard surfaces sanitized at the end of every working day. (Bourne House Manager’s responsibility)

If the toilet is used, the person using it should disinfect it using the products provided (It is the Practitioner’s responsibility to instruct clients to do this.)

4b           Set up procedures to disinfect or change surface coverage on the therapy couch after each client.

Action required:

Disposable couch roll will be provide for use on couch and disinfectant spray for use between clients. (Cumbria Therapies’ responsibility)

Couch roll will be changed  and  the treatment couch disinfected after each client. (Practitioner’s responsibility)

Fabric towels will be changed after each client; used towels should be bagged securely and removed by the practitioner at the end of the day for washing. (Practitioner’s responsibility)

After the final consultation of the day, any used PPE equipment, hand towels, tissues, or couch roll should be disposed of in the bin provided.

4c            Set up procedure to ventilate rooms appropriately.

Action required:

When weather permits, keep window and door open to allow good ventilation of the therapy room. (Practitioner’s responsibility)