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Privacy & Confidentiality

Client Information

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Privacy and Confidentiality


How we deal with client information

Cumbria Therapies and anyone involved with it respects the rights of privacy, anonymity and confidentiality of all clients seen in the Centre. The names of clients will not be disclosed to any third party without the specific consent of the client.  If your GP needs to be informed about your self-referral for treatment as an aspect of your overall care plan, you will be asked to sign a permission form allowing this to be actioned.  A copy of the letter sent to your medical practitioner will be available for you to examine or retain.

One exception to this rule is the legal requirement that in such cases where a therapist has been informed by the client that they intend to self-harm, injure or commit suicide, or where there is evidence to suggest imminent harm and injury to third parties, the therapist mustl notify the appropriate authorities to prevent this happening.


Cumbria Therapies Web Privacy Policy

One of our main committments is to protect your privacy.
We also try to use any data we collect from you to provide ongoing improvements to our products and services. This privacy policy describes how we collect and use your personal data.

Data Collection - web forms, cookies and email

Cumbria Therapies web site may collect business and personal data you enter using our web forms. We also collect data which you send to any of the email addresses we provide for information, support, sales etc.

We do not use cookies.

By using the web pages, forms and email addresses we provide you hereby agree that you have voluntarily submitted information to us and you agree to the use of such business and personal data you provide as described in this policy.

If you use the above methods to provide us with information about another business or another person we will assume you have their permission to do so. Their data will also be subject to this policy.

Data usage

Cumbria Therapies uses data collected to support the products and services of Cumbria Therapies and Esk Consulting, our partner as shown on our web site.

We may use such data to tell you about events, products and services, new information, or changes to the sites that we think you will find valuable. If you do not wish to receive such information then you should send an email to mail-list@cumbriatherapies.com with the subject 'unsubscribe'.

We do not sell, trade, rent or share your business or personal data outside of the Cumbria Therapies and Esk Consulting our partner as shown on our web site.