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A typical session
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Master NLP
Marion Dunlop (UKCP reg)

Our therapists are trained to the standard of the International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA)


Neuro-Linguistic Programming - Overview

Can you imagine how useful it would be to understand how you think, feel and respond in certain situations and relationships?

What would it be like to know that you are able to communicate more effectively?

What is NLP?

NLP is the study of how we function and make sense of our own world and provides a way of changing old patterns of behaving and believing so we can be even more effective, positive and successful.

Neuro refers to our mind and body interactions
Linguistic refers to the unique way a person uses language and how this gives us insight to their thought processes
Programming explores the programming or patterning we use in our everyday behaviours and thinking

Throughout our lives we learn and experience in so many situations, meet so many people, hear so many messages, feel so many emotions and see so many images which we process and make sense of in our own unique way.  For most of the time, these memories and patterns work positively for us.  Sometimes we store experiences in less effective ways which may limit our success. Working with an NLP practitioner can allow you to understand, recognise your strengths, change your self belief and old ways of responding in order to optimise what you want from your life.

Using various techniques which encourage you to explore, challenge, rehearse, imagine or visualise, NLP provides a brief approach to help you make effective change.

So how soon would you like to unlock your potential and gain insight to past beliefs and behaviours?  

How easy will it be to know you can be more than you thought you could be?

If you’re ready to make the change and can cope with the responsibility of success why not contact us?

How it may help
NLP may be useful at assisting you to change your beliefs, behaviours and confidence levels.  The choice is always yours.

  • Changing behaviour patterns
  • Preparation for interviews, events, exams that require positive belief
  • Confidence building, increasing motivation
  • Changing beliefs

NLP is a brief coaching approach to support you to believe in yourself, make changes, be successful and communicate effectively.  When the NLP practitioner discussed your outcomes for the session she will assess if NLP is the best approach for you.  Very occasionally, your experiences may require a psychotherapeutic approach rather than a coaching one.  Marion is qualified to provide this and uses NLP as one of the main tools within her modality for therapy so will discuss this with you.

A typical session
A typical session may be 1.5 to 2 hrs for the initial session followed by further sessions lasting 1 to 2 hrs in agreement with the client.

Cost / Number of sessions
The number of follow on sessions can be as little as 1 with further sessions only arranged if needed depending on the complexity of the changes you wish to experience.  Occasionally a more intensive breakthrough session may be organised on request which can be 2 x ½ days or 1 full day long.


Cost Per hour


Booking a session in Carlisle
  Marion Call 01228 409093
  or email us at: info@cumbriatherapies.com