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Life Coaching - Overview


Are there issues in your life that you would like to change – jobs, relationships?

Do you keep putting off making decisions?

Would you love to achieve a burning ambition, gain promotion or change occupational direction?

Finding it difficult to prioritise at work?

Life coaching is a process that allows you to realize your full potential. By helping you to identify your strengths, set targets and action plan, a coach can help you move towards the results you desire to make life more fulfilling.

The process can be stimulating, empowering and challenging as you uncover limiting beliefs and self doubts that have prevented you from doing what you feel is right.

The process is quite different from the therapeutic approaches described elsewhere as the focus is on where you are now and where you want to be in the future rather than on past issues.

How it may help

The process encourages you to review all areas of your life - work, family, relationships etc with a view to identifying the areas you wish to prioritise in deciding future goals. The coach acts as your 'project manager' encouraging you to decide and action activities that you have been putting off to enable you to reach your ambitions.  It takes commitment but once you give yourself permission to recognise that you deserve to be the best that you can be then the process becomes exciting and empowering.


If life seems confusing or dissatisfying then coaching may be an appropriate way of helping you to prioritise important goals.  However sometimes this confusion may be because of issues in the past that are getting in the way of your self-belief and confidence. If this is the case, the coach may recommend that you see one of our therapists initially for counselling, hypnotherapy or psychotherapy to help you to resolve those issues first. If unresolved, the feelings might compromise the success of your coaching.

A typical session
The length of the session is agreed by you with the coach depending on how quickly you need to make the changes you wish. A session may last 1 or 2 hours or might be an intense 4 hours if there is an urgent time limit, for example, an interview or presentation.  Contact between sessions is agreed to help you stay on track. The sessions are completely confidential and non-judgemental.  

We offer a FREE 1/2 hr introductory meeting in order to explore if coaching is the right way forward for you. 

If you decide to go ahead then we would recommend an initial agreement of three sessions.

Cost / Number of sessions
There are a number of different coaching packages available depending on how much contact is required.   Coaching can be face to face, by email, by phone or a combination to suit and is generally offered through our associate company, Esk Consulting Ltd for those who can access funding through their workplace.  Esk offers organisational services - staff support, stress awareness and personal development training as well as life coaching.  For more information on coaching please visit www.eskconsulting.com

If you are self funding then coaching can be offered through Cumbria Therapies.

Face to face coaching generally takes place at our offices.

Prices if self- funding
First Session
Subsequent Sessions
Apprx £75/hr or session depending on contract
Intro 30 mins FREE
Package to be agreed
Booking a session in Carlisle
  Call Marion on: 01228 409093
  or email us at: info@cumbriatherapies.com