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The Therapists
Marion Dunlop

Marion is trained and accredited at a post-graduate level and is involved in continuing professional development and regular supervision. She is registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and as such abides by their ethical framework for good practice and is subject to their professional conduct procedures.

UCKP Register of accredited Psychotherapists



Outcome Oriented Psychotherapy - Overview

Outcome oriented Psychotherapy & Counselling uses a number of therapeutic processes to help you understand and re-evaluate aspects of your life through exploring both conscious and unconscious processes and patterns which are impacting on you.

Sometimes issues in your life may originate in the past.  If this is the case, then it may be helpful to explore earlier relationships in childhood or while growing into adulthood along with past experiences in order to help identify why you interpret issues in your adult life in a certain way.


A range of approaches may be used to help you, for example, Neuro-Linguistic Patterning (NLP), Cognitive Behavioural and Solution Focused approaches, EMDR etc. – depending on the issue.  Alongside these techniques if it is appropriate, Hypno-psychotherapy may be used.  This approach uses relaxed or altered states to help you to tap into the resources, insights and solutions which we all hold within our minds.  It can be a very useful modality if you have difficulty remembering past events, prefer not to talk through your feelings initially or require some emotional distancing to explore past experiences. It can provide a safe environment in which to explore and work through earlier experiences which may be blocking your personal development and success. 

This therapeutic approach does not solely focus on past issues as you will be encouraged to identify positive future goals and outcomes and acquire the insight and belief to allow you to progress towards these.  Some of the work you do may involve identifying negative thoughts and beliefs and learning how to challenge these effectively. 

How it may help
Outcome oriented Psychotherapy & Counselling and Hypno-Psychotherapy can be helpful in exploring more deep-seated issues than generally explored in clinical hypnotherapy.  These may link with past experiences, abuse, traumatic events, relationships, bereavement and loss, previously diagnosed clinical conditions e.g. post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety states etc (with permission of your clinician) and other issues which limit your self belief and ability to live your life in the way you would prefer. 

As well as the opportunity to explore where the patterns originated, the therapy will offer you the opportunity to acquire skills, beliefs and tools in order to control and live your life more positively.


Please be aware that certain emotional conditions may limit the use of some of the techniques.  For example, psychotic illness or severe depression would indicate that using some hypno-psychotherapeutic techniques would not be the most useful or effective method and other approaches may be more appropriate.  The therapist will be happy to discuss this with you.

If you are having any medical treatment when you visit, it is useful to let your doctor know that you have decided to have psychotherapy so you receive the best care from everyone. The Centre will send a letter to your GP after the first consultation but this will only be done with your full permission.

A typical session

The first session is usually 1.5 hrs long in order to take a detailed case history and to encourage you to identify the changes and outcomes you wish to work towards. Further sessions last 1 hour and are completely confidential. The number of sessions required depends on the issue and the outcome you are working towards. Sessions can be for individuals or couples.

Cost / Number of sessions
The number of sessions required can vary depending on the complexity of the issues.  On average, clients attend for somewhere between 3 to 7 sessions as rate of progress is a very personal issue.   You will be encouraged to review your progress regularly in order to assess movement towards achieving your planned goals for therapy.  Sometimes the issue may require longer term support and this will be explored and discussed at the initial session.

(Costs may be negotiated for low wage earners or those requiring more than the average number of sessions). 


First Session 1.5 hr
Subsequent Sessions - 1 hr


Booking a session in Carlisle
  Marion Call 01228 409093
  or email us at: info@cumbriatherapies.com