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Energy Healing


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Fiona Fawkes

N.B. Complementary therapies are not a substitute for seeking medical advice from your GP.  We will recommend that you seek medical advice for any symptoms you are experiencing and may ask your permission to write to your GP when indicated.


Energy Healing - Overview

Energy Healing is an holistic healing approach which assists in the balancing and harmonising of your mind body and spirit, treating the cause of your symptoms and the related emotions to the issues you are facing.

This healing practice was created by Barbara Brennan author of “Hands of Light" and “Light Emerging” and combines hands-on-healing with dialogue and drop-in techniques to allow blockages held in the body to be brought into awareness and released.

Energy Healing is a natural, gentle and holistic method in which to understand any illness you might be facing. The human energy field supports and strengthens the physical body; releasing and dissolving held issues in the chakras or layers of the aura can be helpful in preventing diseases from manifesting and also address the root cause of any existing illness.

Your natural flow of life energy always moves towards health and well-being. Recognising and eliminating any blockages present in your energy field allows your life force to flow without restriction bringing you balance, peace and harmony to all aspects of yourself and your relationships.

How it may help
Energy Healing can help by giving you a deeper understanding of the complexities of yourself which in turn affects your health, your emotions, mental well-being and general out-look on life. As well as resolution of physical conditions it can also help bring you spiritual realisation as you move beyond your personal and collective programming into a place of truth which is a natural way of being where you experience love and acceptance of yourself and others.

A typical session
 Each healing session is unique. You and I work together in the healing process and the session is adapted to your needs and to what is present in the moment. However, each healing session does follow a structure of Awareness, Release and Integration.

Each session begins with an initial period of discussion and evaluation to clarify the issues to be addressed. You will be gently guided into a process of inner enquiry deepening into the issue to be dealt with in the session.

This involves hands-on healing using a variety of techniques. This can include phases of receiving energy, the use of colour, sound, active dialoguing and possibly more cathartic emotional release. This part of the session is usually conducted with you lying down, fully clothed on a therapy table. The healing can also take place seated in a chair if needed.

The session is completed with grounding and bringing into consciousness the changes that have taken place. The integration naturally continues after a session and may take a period of days or weeks to fully settle. If needed I may suggest a few basic energy exercises, specific to your needs to enable to manage, support and balance your energy field.

After sessions
After a session you may feel uplifted, relaxed, tired or just different. Many people comment on feeling lighter, more free or sometimes a little spaced out. It is important to be gentle with yourself, take sometime to rest and drink plenty of water and allow the changes to settle.

Cost / Number of sessions
The number and frequency of the healing sessions are determined by you based on and according to the issue being addressed and the depth of healing desired. These transformational healing sessions are appropriate for all ages and any stage of life.


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Booking a session in Carlisle
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